February 7, 2009

I’m saying Goodbye

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…. but continue to journey with me to my new home.

see you all there!

February 1, 2009

On Blog Hiatus

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I will be back soon!


January 5, 2009

when fools rush in

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edric, philip, aldion, ryan, marky, neiloyts, and noel

:: Foolish Bois :: edric, philip, aldion, ryan, marky, neiloyts, and noel :: pool party 2007

i miss these guys.

Was organizing my picture folder and saw a bunch of Aprilfools photos.

We are all scattered now to God knows where, but nothing gets better than island hopping and out of town trips and impulsive get-away plans for the weekend.

Some stayed close to the ties we made, some chose to drift away.

I miss the fools.

A very Teary night

Moalboal Escapade :: A very Teary night :: 2006

Neiloys Despidida Party 2007

Neiloy's Despidida Party 2007

And for the finale…

Intosan Splash 2005

Intosan Splash 2005

January 3, 2009

Going Minimal

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:: walk with me? ::

As the new year opens, I will do one thing which is I think would be a challenge for me.

I will be letting go. I will choose wisely what I add on. And I will take some baby steps on the road towards Minimalism.

This is a very challenging thing for a sentimental like me. Tucked away inside a box, somewhere in my room in cebu, is a letter written in Starbuck’s tissue paper given by a friend way back in high school when the Cafe had just opened, and we felt like we don’t belong sitting in their posh chairs. Also on another box are broken chopsticks, an earring without a pair, and more than a hudred heartshaped cartolina cut-out Valentine cards all the way back from grade school.  I have boxes of letters, cards, notes and all other keepsakes under my bed back home. I only took with me the ones from James.

I am a sentimental who hoards memories like there is no tomorrow. And together with being a sentimental, I am also a collector.

A collector of anything I find pretty to the eyes. Inexpensive trinkets that I found being sold on the sidewalks. Small things which somehow finds it’s way inside my bag on my way home. I feel the tingle that these little treasure finds bring.

But I think it is time a change.

I will TRY to curb down my appetite (for food, hahaha, I am at my fattest!!!!) towards this unmindful and mostly impulsive buys. And this should go for shoes and dresses as well. (this one would be extra hard when you have a budget shop for clothes right inside our MRT station).

I have always been a person who holds on. But now I have to learn to let go. And make space for new ones.

In the following days, there’ll be clothes to give away, unnecessary craft stuff to box and donate, and some other trinkets to say goodbye to.

But my books will stay. And so will my shoes.

Yes, It’s time to get rid of extra baggages. And I’m not just talking about what’s inside my closet. 😉

p.s: when James gets to read this, I know what his thought bubble would say, “Good luck na lang.” LOL.

December 31, 2008

the Gift of Now

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:: Lily in a pond ::

While commenting on a post of one of my blogger friends, Mai, I slipped a line about enjoying our “now’s”. Our present. Our current. Of where we are.

I come to realize how a big part of me remains like a child on the way I make “sulit” whatever it is that I have, or where I’m at. Like how kids forget the worries and all those included in the grown-up’s list. Enjoying all the happiness I can out of each moment, because I know that SOME moments don’t come twice.

While preparing for the wedding, James and I once again realized just how different we are. I often told him how important it is to me to make our moment beautiful. Not necessarily expensive, but beautiful. The line I’ve been quoting quiet frequently lately is, “50 years from now we will look back at this moment and we will have deep wonderful memories to go back to”.

(And we are way better in dealing with our being different from each other this time compared to before. Harmony in being different.)

I love where I am right now, who I’m with, what’s been happening in my life. And looking back, I barely see or felt any regrets on what I’ve done or been through in the past. Because in each moment worth remembering, moments which matters, I know I have given my ALL. Especially when it comes to people, things and events that are close to my heart… I only give my BEST. If it is not my best, then I make sure I do something to make up for it. Because, yeah, I feel bad when I give less than my ALL to something which means everything to me.

Other things I do half heartedly, some even slipped my mind… but when I love I gave ALL of my mind, attention and self into it. Be it towards a person or a hobby. That is just how I was built. And I have grown tired of apologizing for that. I’ll adapt, learn and adjust so I can also grow as a person, but I AM WHO I AM, charms and flaws all rolled into one wonder-eyed girl.

I do think and plan for the future. Maybe not just as detailed as I need them to be. And this part, I am more than willing to learn. Because that not so far future, will soon be my present, and I’m still going to enjoy it and make albums of memories with it, as I am doing now.

But while that distant future is still in planning stage, allow me to give my best in my Now, and this will be my gift not to myself, but to you. Life moves very fast, and while I plan for the future, I am more excited to the surprises held by the present.

My best Now.

p.s: Dili ni drama, nag think aloud lang. 😉

December 22, 2008

Hot Cebu

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Taras Cafe

Tara’s Cafe

Cebu was hot! Literally. And Figuratively.

I just got back last weekend from my one week visit to cebu. After the excitement and euphoria subsided, I can’t believe how hot it is there. Hotter than last year when I came home for the holidays! The fan was in full blast at home, and the water, every time I’m the shower, is just pure heaven to my scorching body. But nevertheless, I welcome it all with open arms and sweaty armpits… LOL.

But aside from the sweaty experience, I can not help but be amazed at how much my little hometown of Cebu has grown in just a year.

My last visit home was last December during my Christmas vacation. (This year, it’s my boss’ turn to  go home, he let me and my groupmate both go home to enjoy our Christmas with our families for 3 straight weeks last year . And I was working for just barely 4 months then. He soooo deserves a break.) After a year of being away, my little hometown of Cebu has grown a lot! A whole lot!

A visit to the Asiatown IT park for instance, where I worked for 4 years, displayed 3 buildings which were not there when I left. Hahaha. I sound like I haven’t seen my share of super skyscrapers. But then, it is heart warming to see so many developments happening in my little city. More offices, means more work for my fellow cebuanos. Yipeeee!!

There is The Walk which housed some of Cebu’s gastronomic pride. The buildings and offices where international companies are situated. The e-Office smack in the middle certainly still looks like an elementary school.

And a visit home is not complete without checking out the new Ayala Terraces. Man oh Man! So pretty. All these resto’s lined up in a curve with friendly and accomodating cebuano service and mouth watering dishes. I’d recommend them to my foreigner friends anytime. As well as none cebuano friends who I filled with delectable stories of my queen city of the south.

But I cannot help but be teary eyed when I saw the big, big sign which says “Fully Booked”. Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Hindi ka na nag-iisa National bookstore!

Ms.Wade, Me and Jang. College close buddies Dinner at Taras

Ms.Wade, Me (Yang to Jang) and Jang. College close buddies Dinner at Tara’s

I was also surprised to see the Duty Free branch at SM North Wing! I had my passport registered and got a Purchase card which I gave to ate Cherry.

Too bad I wasn’t able to visit all the new malls, stores, cafe’s and shops that opened while I was away.

Even the old love that we so enjoy like the AA’s BBQ did some resto revamped without losing the taste that only Cebu BBQ can offer. Truly world class. (I had my fill of their pork belly and sizzling Bangus and my all time favorite guso!)

Cebu is really swinging it! I’m so proud!.

Because of the limited time I had While I was there I wasn’t able to meet everyone who I love to be with. Most of my day time was spent home with my family or in front of the TV. Hehehe.

I was able to meet Mimi for a bit, and gave her chocolates to give to the rest of the supergirls. Thanks Mi! (Mai and Kaith, See you next time ha! Hope to see Ai pud next time. )


Chesle-leen, Dee and Van. Hillarious Bunch.

Tara’s Cafe is also a sweet surprise. Had dinner there with my college friends, Jang, vanessa and Cesleen together with Ms.Wade (college professor turned post-college close friend ). It is so near our place! It’s located just across Zao, where I had dinner a year before with Mai, Chichi, Mimi and Kaith.

I so love Tara’s Cafe, and the food is something I’ll surely miss. (You should try their Baby Beef ribs, yummy!)

Tabo sa Banay is also one of my stops. Where I did some old school shopping. Tabo sa Banay shopping tips: Wear comfortable clothes, wear slippers and leave your cellphones and bulky wallets at home.

I also tried the night market at Colon Street. This is where I bought faked Havianas for 40 pesos, and him a nice pair of fake Adidas flats. Hahaha.

I hope that in the next few years to come, Cebu would continue to rise up and develop as one of the competivie cities to watch out for, and yet not lose it’s identity and charm which more than anything else beckons visitors and locals and prodigal children to come back to it again and again.

I also hope that in the next few years there’ll be more places which would cater to the artistic and creative side of Cebu. A place for dancing, poetry reading, crafts, plays and literary recreation infused with good food and perhaps a few modern ammenities. This bonus would be a good addition to this paradise in the South.

Soon. Soon.

December 20, 2008

My More

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Thoughtful Blossom

Thoughtful Blossom


A pleasant conversation between a flower and a butterfly.

“I wish I could give you more gardens where your little wings would feel like it has found it’s own fairy kingdom.

And if I could, I would give you more vibrant and blossomy petals, and you can use them as blankets when you are cold, or as cushions as you lay and dream.

For now, I’ll give you more understanding, love and affection that these little rose bud can muster. My little leafy hands will always be available for more of the tight hugs when you need one.”, the flower quipped.

The butterfly rested on one dainty petal, looked at the heart of the little flower, and said

You are already my more.”


And the little flower was silenced, and started to write down about the pleasant conversation.

December 4, 2008

Shoot me

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I am a bad blogger. I am a very bad blogger.

I haven’t been updating my blog lately. So sorry for that. Not that I ran out of stories to tell, it’s just that something big is coming and it took my time away from my PC. (Except when I play Diablo II hehehe).

Anyhoo, something short

I was browsing my multiply contacts just now and two thumbnails caught my attention. Mai and ate Mae’s avatar’s were right beside each other. And see for yourself why it bought a smile to my face.


Photography is eveybody’s milk 😀


The photo on the left is Mai and the one on the right is at Mae.


P.S: isang tulog na lang cebu again!

P.P.S: Pamamanhikan here we come hihihi 😀

November 19, 2008

I wanna go to England!

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hahaha and for this particular day, because of a particular reason.

I was chatting with Angie, a colleague in the office who is assigned for 3 months in our Singapore office. She was filling in for one of our Service Managers who is giving birth and on a 3-month maternity leave. Yes, 3 months is the usual length of maternity leave they give you here. I’m not so sure how long it is back in the Philippines. Is it 1 month?

Then Angie said that back in England they were given 14 months of paid maternity leaves! hahahaha. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Told her anybody could make a living out of that. Hehehe.

P.S: No, I am not pregnant….yet. Hehehe.


November 18, 2008

A day at the Shack

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William P. Young

"The Shack" :: William P. Young

I am currently reading “The Shack” by William P. Young. And I cannot wait to reach the last page before I officially say that my list of most inspiring books have been reshuffled, and this little treasure has found it’s way somewhere on top of the heap.

More than anything else, it is a story about relationship. How we relate to our Maker, to each other, and even to ourself. My train ride seems too short already whenever I read on my way to work.

I haven’t finished reading it yet, but I must say I cannot wait to reread it again. If only I have the resources, I would buy all the copies available and wrap all for each of my love ones. Believe me, it is a treasure. (But don’t take my word for it, go get a copy!)

I have found myself trying to hold back tears (while in transit), down on my knees (in the comfort of my room)… and can not help but praise the One great Love Who have been nothing but faithful to me… and patient to me. Yes, I believe I’ve tested His patience quite a bit. Hehehe. Me and my stubborn head, just ask J.

Relationships are not easy. And there are times when it takes more than the love that you have for the other person to make it through. I’ve always treasured a verse I’ve read before me and J became a couple. “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”. I’ve prayed then that we will always be reminded that He is the third strand that keeps us sane together.

Interesting to know that the author originally wrote the book for his children. A work of fiction in itself, yet now has touch so many lives already.

It’s a book about relationships, the ones that we treasure most yet sometimes take forgranted.


It’s interesting also that there are a few who have strong negative reactions on the book. Saying that it questions doctrines and dogmas that religious institutions has set up for society to follow. Questioning why of all possible “human form” the author chose to place Abba in a Black African Woman! Or the Holy Spirit characterized by an Asian Girl who loves gradens! Or Jesus who is both funny and charming, (and spends his time star gazing) yet not drop dead gorgeous! Hayyz

I guess for me, it helps us bring ourself back to the basic. It’s the purpose of why we engage ourself to take part of something that makes it special. And it all boils back to love and relationships.

And though I love the book, I admit that there are a few points where one just have to always remember that it is still a work of fiction. The Bible still holds the final authority. Some points are questionable if you place it in reference to the Bible. But just like Dan Brown’s works, it is still a book of fiction. It just so happens that it was able to inspire a few along the way.

I’ve been a Catholic most of my life, and for almost 10 years I’ve been a Born Again Christian. I was judged and ridiculed because of where I am right now (for the past two years. You’ll see where by the time I get married, which of the two aisle’s I’ll march on. LOL.) And all the more I’ve realized that it is not the letters you pen in the religion box that defines your faith, it is how you relate to Him whom you worship. And isn’t that what matters most?


quote from the book :

“Those who love me come from every system that exists. They were Buddhists or Mormons, Baptists or Muslims, Democrats, Republicans and many who don’t vote or are not a part of any Sunday morning or religious institutions. I have followers who were murderers and many who were self-righteous…”

“Does that mean,” asked Mack, “that all roads will lead to you?”

“Not at all”, smiled Jesus….“Most roads don’t lead anywhere. What it does mean is that I will travel any road to find you.”

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