January 5, 2007

Rollercoaster Ride

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i got this over my email just now and i thought of sharing this one to you guys… ehehhe… i was laughing so hard after i realized what my answers meant in the field of kokology

kokology-a series of psychological games designed to reveal your hidden attitudes about sex, family, work, and more

note : i didn’t peek at the answer key, so i suggest you won’t also ehehhe 🙂

1. you enter a park gate, and a rollercoaster looms before you with a line of people waiting for their turn. how long do you have to wait in line before getting to ride?

<dee>  i’l try to see if there are any other intresting rides which i can try. But waiting won’t be a problem… ehehhe… the rollercoaster ride better be worth it, if i have to wait!!

2. your turn finally comes and now your racing and plunging around the course. what kind of feelings does the speed bring out in you?

<dee> I’m excited and scared out of my wits but i can’t wait to do it again!

3. at the most exciting point in the course, the roller coaster dives into a pool of water and you’re drenched in the spray. what do you shout or scream in this instant?

<dee>  Whoaaa! (Which actually spells out as Man-I-Didn’t sign-up-for-this!-But-man-is-this-fun!)

4. next you decide to try the merry-go-round.but during your ride, for some reason the horse your riding suddenly breaks down and stops moving.what do you say to the horse?

<dee>  Move Dammit!

5 .your ride on the rollercoaster was exciting. but it wasnt all that it could have been. if you were to design the perfect rollercoaster, what would the course look like? describe a detailed picture of the course.

 a little higher than the one i’ve ridden so far in Disney,
there should be lots of loops and then it should enter a tunnel then suddenly a vertical drop which would leave your heart at the top.


IN psychological terms, the rhythmical up-and-down motions represent sexual excitement. so your response to the five questions represent your attituted towards sex.

For Q1 :  the time you spend waiting in line reveals how much time you spend, or would like your partner to spend, on foreplay.
did you have to stand in line for hours before the main event? or did you just jump aboard without waiting?

hahha i won’t mind waiting nyahahaha…

For Q2 : your feelings during the roller coaster ride reveal how you feel while making love

hahaha good! better! best!

 For Q3 : in jungian symbolism, water represents the source of life. your words at the moment the rollercoaster splashed into the pool show what you might say at the moment of sexual climax.

 bahakhak!! *roll with laughter* 🙂  🙂  🙂

For Q4: th1e horse, in psychosexual terms, represent the masculine principle. your words to your broken down steed represent reflect what you might say to your self or to your partner in situations where the man failed to rise to the occasion

hahahaha… move it! move it!

For Q5: your plan for the ideal rollercoaster course shows your vision of the perfect sex life. The ups and downs of the ride represent the thrills and lulls of love making.

hehe…. i didn’t say i want a boring ride! whew!


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