December 20, 2008

My More

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Thoughtful Blossom

Thoughtful Blossom


A pleasant conversation between a flower and a butterfly.

“I wish I could give you more gardens where your little wings would feel like it has found it’s own fairy kingdom.

And if I could, I would give you more vibrant and blossomy petals, and you can use them as blankets when you are cold, or as cushions as you lay and dream.

For now, I’ll give you more understanding, love and affection that these little rose bud can muster. My little leafy hands will always be available for more of the tight hugs when you need one.”, the flower quipped.

The butterfly rested on one dainty petal, looked at the heart of the little flower, and said

You are already my more.”


And the little flower was silenced, and started to write down about the pleasant conversation.


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