November 9, 2008


Self Out in the Sun

October Photo Assignment :: Self Out in the Sun

~ ooOOoo ~

I used to have this every month in my blog before. A list of things I am thankful for that has happened for the past month. It started with a journal I keep way back high school, it became a sort of an anchor for me when things get a bit shaky. It became a refuge when I need reassurances and when I need a little comfort.

When I renewed my relationship with my Maker, consciously making it and not simply following a set of rules that says I could get closer to Him through it, I asked him to guard my heart from ungratefulness. To keep my heart from being blinded that I am surrounded with beautiful moments, people , things and places. Ungratefulness makes the world an ugly place.

I hope to bring it back, and hopefully I won’t missed out on it from here on out.

~ ooOOoo ~

I’m thankful for those who paid me a visit here and made our place (and my room) a crammed hotel. I became a hostess, a tourist guide and a master in fitting as much activities as one could possibly do in a few days time.

I’m thankful for my housemates who made coming home feels like… coming home. Somehow I am blessed with a makeshift family here away from my own. Our small coffee table has been a witness to hundreds of wonderful stories we shared during meals, snacks , movies and series marathons.

I’m thankful for giving me shadow and for the many shutter clicks I am enjoying with him. My shadow is patient with me as I am still learning (more like craving) as much I can about photography. My heart is trembling to buy me a lens I’ve been eying for awhile now. Hopefully the prices would drop and I’d get my shadow an extra limb for our photo newbie pleasure.

And now, I am thankful for the 5 days off (too short, I know) I am soon to take to go home, visit my family and a few friends, shop at Tabo sa Banay (hihi), buy me some books, and taking the most grown-up step I have yet to take so far in my life.

On a more personal note:

I’m most thankful for someone who puts my needs first before his. And whose needs I put first before mine.

I’m most thankful for wonderful people who are bursting with happiness of hearing our own happiness.

I’m most thankful for second chances. A gap had separated me and her for years. I thought all the love I had for her had turned into numbness. I did not forced myself to build bridges. I know if the time is right, and wounds are healed, the waters would ebb and we both can meet in the middle and there will be no need to build bridges. And unknowingly, with no forcing involved, the low tide came and I can make slow steps towards reconciliation without drowning myself.

~ ooOOoo ~

Creative Lens : Photo Assignment. October. Fourth Week. Self out in the Sun.

Photo taken in Phiphi Island, Phuket Thailand


November 6, 2008

small happy steps

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Photo Assignment October:: Street, Roads ::

~ oOOo ~

While lying beside each other, him drowning my left hand in his, the one with the precious piece of rock in my ring finger, i looked up wistfully.

And he’d ask me what’s on my mind. And I’ll just say, “Lipay lang ko. Kuyog man ta”

(I am just happy. We are together).

“Kay ikaw bitaw akoang gianhi.”

(you are why I am here)

Happiness in its most basic form.

~ oOOo ~


I will be visiting home for a week soon. He will be asking my hand in marriage from my parents. The expression in his face is priceless, as he has no idea how to go about it.

“Wala pa baya ko kasulay!”, he would say in his defense.

It is hard not to smile (inside out) to be told that his side is happy about the news.

(They pretty much knew about it (proposal) even before he flew all the way here to Singapore.They knew first before I did! 🙂

It still feels surreal on how the pieces fit. Surely there is a very wise and very loving Artist behind each stroke that’s been happening.

We sometimes burst out laughing with the plans that we are concocting. Oh my! the stories we are gonna tell 50 years from now! All we pray for is that for the pieces to fall accordingly in place. They don’t have to be perfect fit, as long as they connect and grant us a path where we could step in.

Small happy steps.

~ ooOOoo ~

Every girl (sorry for the generalization) dreams of how her wedding would be. Though this changes a million times over the years,there are some things which remains through it all.

I’ve always found myself, whenever I think of weddings, undecided on one particular area.If only i can have both, I would say to myself.I wouldn’t say it yet, cause I really want to keep it private.

And surely, surely, surely again someone up there is listening to my wordless prayers, because it looks like I don’t have to decide after all.I can, after all, have both!

Small happy steps leading to both.

~ ooOOoo ~

I believe that God is mindful of our wishes. Especially the small ones. Those that we don’t even dare say out loud. I’ve proven this countless times through the years, and every time it happens I feel Him lovingly whisper,

“It is my pleasure to give you the desires of your heart.”

Yes , yes, He desires to see me happy. And I have my small happy steps following His lead.

~ ooOOoo ~

Photo Assignment. October. Third Week. Street , Roads

Thanks Xiang Ma for unknowingly lending your feet for this assignment.

November 5, 2008


Breaking Rules

Breaking Rules


Know the rules and know when to break them


random thoughts:

There will always come a time in a person’s life when he or she has to take sides. As much as one would want to stay neutral, and stand rooted in the middle ground; the time to choose is inevitable.

There will also come a time in a person’s life when he or she would have to break some rules. Rules set by dogma, and some rules which he set upon himself.

And sometimes, yes sometimes, it feels so damn great to break the rules. Especially those which we set upon our selves.

Sometimes, being proven wrong holds the magic on how life reveals it’s wonderful surprises.


Some rules I heard that needs breaking :

Don’t Trust

Don’t Believe

Don’t Hope

Never Fall in Love

(… and the greatest of all is Love.)


Photo Assignment. October. Second Week. Street Signs

November 3, 2008

A cup of Quietness

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How good it is to be still and know that He is God


This man’s newspaper stand is in the middle of one of the most busiest area in Singapore.

Smack in the middle of the Central Business District,

and he leans his back and close his eyes with no care in the world.

He does not have to hang any sign to tell those who pass by that Store is close.

I bet, at this moment, he is the envy of many.


Photo Assignment. October. First Week. Vendor

October 23, 2008

Music Shop

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The Music Shop

If there is one store back in Cebu that I miss the most, it’s the 2nd-hand store called Music Shop.

Why it’s called that, I have no idea. I’m not even sure if that is it’s official name. My friend’s aunt who is a book addict used to bring me along with her if she’s into her one “I-Need-a-doze-of-bookies” moods. This was way back when I was still in grade school. She was one of the reasons of my early awakening on this love affair with printed pages. I am such a slut when it comes to books. I got to have more than one!

The Music Shop, as what she said it was called, was located beside Gaisano Main, just across Rosita‘s Department Store in Downtown Cebu. It’s housed in an old 19th Century building,one of Colon’s, Cebu’s oldest Street, jewel amongst the mob.

They sell all types of second hand stuff. From books, magazines, Reader’s Digest, Encyclopedias, Clothes, Vinyl Records, and keyboards and Guitar. One time I even saw something like a grand piano. It’s a piece of heaven really, with all these old school stuff as your angels. Dusty Angels which reeks of mute words.

Your mind would blow up if you drown yourself with possible reasons of why their owners choose to part with them. Orphaned possessions waiting for the next hand to strum the old strings to life.


October 9, 2008

Shutterbug on Cram

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I’ve been lagging behind our Photo Assignments … I need to pick my camera back up and click click click.

I need to submit something for the October list. And try to make up on my absent entries for August and September. I hope my teacher is not yet giving up on me… (hehehe thanks to the amazing Aileen! )

October Shutter List :

October Theme:  Taking the Streets

October 6:    Vendors/Markets

October 13:  Street signs

October 20:  Streets/Roads/Corners

October 27:  You, out in the sun.  Anywhere!  =)

October 8, 2008

Dear C

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Dear C,

I have been friends with you for so long now, that though we’re separated by distance I know we are secure where our friendship stands.

A few weeks ago you message me with sad news about your family. About tita. And I cried with you. And I prayed. And I hoped. My heart breaks with you.

I looked back and all I see is your smile and warmth, that captivates people, true people, towards you. You’ve held us all captive with your gift for words. You had me ogling for the next prose, poem or story. And I know that words fall short right now to box what you carry inside your heart.

Hearing your voice break now, breaks me in million shards. That though you’re at the breaking point, you’ve held yourself together for her. You’ve mimic calmness though you quiver inside seeing her in pain. You’ve hidden notes of sadness as you hum to her so she could rest.

I can only pray for His strength to continue where yours would start to weaken.

And when you want to break… break. Know that you are not alone when you want to put the pieces back together.



for my friend C, whose mom is diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Join in me in prayers.

Oct 9.

Thank you all for your prayers. C’s mom passed away a day after this posting.

Stephenie M.

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Look what came for me today…

Twilight , New Moon , Eclipse , The Host , 101 Cups of Water

Twilight , New Moon , Eclipse , The Host , 101 Cups of Water

Another few additions to my little book nook here in my home away from home. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! **Grin**

I’m telling you Dr.House, This is way better than Vicodin 😀

September 29, 2008

A wordy world

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My fascination with journals started out when I was still  small. That was when I slowly took back steps from coloring our walls with my crayola pens.

Being the only child around that time, and being the only kid in both my parent’s side, I have an abundance of adopted moms and dads. My mama’s brother used to work in a printing press. He was guilty of introducing me to the wonderful world of papers. From memo pads to specialty papers, he would give it to me, not by sheets but by rims or bulk. Every time he visits me, he always have some stack of papers for his favorite niece. Being the only one he has, he has no other choice.

I was an OC kid when it comes to writing down on my treasured sheets. I put a yellow pad behind the page before i start to write down. I always wanted my words in proper alignment. I carried this till adulthood. It is less likely that you can fault me on my note taking. My notebooks are suki to photocopiers around the campus up until I was in college, as my classmates would always borrow them.

From the blank sheets my Uncle gave me, I started my first journal. In my innocence I penned the world around me. My small world, seemed like a universe within the words.

I remember when I was in grade school and I have a crush. Or wait… there were two of them, so it would be crushes. LOL.

One has the initials D.D. (and i still remember his full name up until now). We were classmates since kindergarten. His yaya was a tomboy, and she would also fix me a sandwich during breaks. And she would always tease me to her alaga.

The other one was joey. A transferee from another school. And I remembered he has a dimple.

And I wrote about them on my journals. And I wrote how guilty I felt for having two crushes.

And I still remember when my mother read about it while she was cleaning my stuff. It was major embarrassment. I remember praying for the ground to open up and swallow me whole. Or better yet build a giant paper boat from my stack of paper treasures and row my way to the far off paper land.
It was a tender memory I have of my journals. There were others which are equally funny memory lane stopovers. Like when I accidentally left it in my friend’s backpack.

Happy and embarrassing memories.

Journals are like tattoo’s that sailors inked on their bodies. Each symbol and each name meant something. A touch, a word, a tap, a hug… a single gesture which meant a basketfull of memories.

If I’ll ever make a last will, I’d probably include it and give it to my soon to be offsprings. And hope that they will care to read it. I can not promise it will be a good read, but I know they will be in for quiet a journey. A journey about a life I know I didn’t waste.

I’ve read somewhere that writing in a journal is a voyage to the interior. How true indeed.

Hinaot Unta…

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I never thought I’ve prayed for something so badly in my life… so far.

please please please Paking.

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