December 22, 2008

Hot Cebu

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Taras Cafe

Tara’s Cafe

Cebu was hot! Literally. And Figuratively.

I just got back last weekend from my one week visit to cebu. After the excitement and euphoria subsided, I can’t believe how hot it is there. Hotter than last year when I came home for the holidays! The fan was in full blast at home, and the water, every time I’m the shower, is just pure heaven to my scorching body. But nevertheless, I welcome it all with open arms and sweaty armpits… LOL.

But aside from the sweaty experience, I can not help but be amazed at how much my little hometown of Cebu has grown in just a year.

My last visit home was last December during my Christmas vacation. (This year, it’s my boss’ turn to  go home, he let me and my groupmate both go home to enjoy our Christmas with our families for 3 straight weeks last year . And I was working for just barely 4 months then. He soooo deserves a break.) After a year of being away, my little hometown of Cebu has grown a lot! A whole lot!

A visit to the Asiatown IT park for instance, where I worked for 4 years, displayed 3 buildings which were not there when I left. Hahaha. I sound like I haven’t seen my share of super skyscrapers. But then, it is heart warming to see so many developments happening in my little city. More offices, means more work for my fellow cebuanos. Yipeeee!!

There is The Walk which housed some of Cebu’s gastronomic pride. The buildings and offices where international companies are situated. The e-Office smack in the middle certainly still looks like an elementary school.

And a visit home is not complete without checking out the new Ayala Terraces. Man oh Man! So pretty. All these resto’s lined up in a curve with friendly and accomodating cebuano service and mouth watering dishes. I’d recommend them to my foreigner friends anytime. As well as none cebuano friends who I filled with delectable stories of my queen city of the south.

But I cannot help but be teary eyed when I saw the big, big sign which says “Fully Booked”. Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Hindi ka na nag-iisa National bookstore!

Ms.Wade, Me and Jang. College close buddies Dinner at Taras

Ms.Wade, Me (Yang to Jang) and Jang. College close buddies Dinner at Tara’s

I was also surprised to see the Duty Free branch at SM North Wing! I had my passport registered and got a Purchase card which I gave to ate Cherry.

Too bad I wasn’t able to visit all the new malls, stores, cafe’s and shops that opened while I was away.

Even the old love that we so enjoy like the AA’s BBQ did some resto revamped without losing the taste that only Cebu BBQ can offer. Truly world class. (I had my fill of their pork belly and sizzling Bangus and my all time favorite guso!)

Cebu is really swinging it! I’m so proud!.

Because of the limited time I had While I was there I wasn’t able to meet everyone who I love to be with. Most of my day time was spent home with my family or in front of the TV. Hehehe.

I was able to meet Mimi for a bit, and gave her chocolates to give to the rest of the supergirls. Thanks Mi! (Mai and Kaith, See you next time ha! Hope to see Ai pud next time. )


Chesle-leen, Dee and Van. Hillarious Bunch.

Tara’s Cafe is also a sweet surprise. Had dinner there with my college friends, Jang, vanessa and Cesleen together with Ms.Wade (college professor turned post-college close friend ). It is so near our place! It’s located just across Zao, where I had dinner a year before with Mai, Chichi, Mimi and Kaith.

I so love Tara’s Cafe, and the food is something I’ll surely miss. (You should try their Baby Beef ribs, yummy!)

Tabo sa Banay is also one of my stops. Where I did some old school shopping. Tabo sa Banay shopping tips: Wear comfortable clothes, wear slippers and leave your cellphones and bulky wallets at home.

I also tried the night market at Colon Street. This is where I bought faked Havianas for 40 pesos, and him a nice pair of fake Adidas flats. Hahaha.

I hope that in the next few years to come, Cebu would continue to rise up and develop as one of the competivie cities to watch out for, and yet not lose it’s identity and charm which more than anything else beckons visitors and locals and prodigal children to come back to it again and again.

I also hope that in the next few years there’ll be more places which would cater to the artistic and creative side of Cebu. A place for dancing, poetry reading, crafts, plays and literary recreation infused with good food and perhaps a few modern ammenities. This bonus would be a good addition to this paradise in the South.

Soon. Soon.


September 16, 2008


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I wake up to the smell of his home cooked breakfast. While consciousness creeps into my sleepy head still trapped in the sweet hum of slumber land, my senses feels alive to a new day.

He opens the door with tray in hand and a big smile that I pray would never leave his face. Morning Sunshine, morning gratefulness.

Longganisa and eggs has never tasted this good. Yum!

Thank you for the breakfast in bed mi amor.

August 8, 2008

Going Jologs

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On weeknights me and my housemates find ourselves glued in our living room. We have our dinner in front of the TV in our sala , carpeting our coffee table with place mats and topping them with hot rice and home cooked meal. You might ask what keeps us so enamored in this corner of our house… it’s a taste of home.

When we moved to our new place, we have two conditions that we set before we settled in. You might be thinking along the lines of : kitchen utensils, food on the fridge or king sized bed on each room; but your guess is a bit far from the truth. Before planting our pillars and taking hold of our new territory two items needs to be ticked in our checklist: Internet and Cable.

We have to have a good wireless internet running and the cable has to be connected. Simple eh? And what more, we made sure we have one channel that gives us an overflow of home spirit, The Filipino Channel.

Unlike our Home Cable subscription back at home where you get almost a hundred channels under your belt after you pay, agree and sign their terms and condition; here you have to choose from the sets of channels that you want to subscribe to. Entertainment, News, Sports, Movies.

These are grouped by categories, like the HBO set with a couple of HBO channels showing classic, block busters or just released movies. But it is different with our very own TFC, it is group consist of a single channel all on its own. Special Siopao.

It is this three letter channel, which brings a taste of home, that keeps us outside our rooms and puts us together in one place while chatting in-between and during the shows. It keeps us from being strangers housed under one roof. It keeps the dust off the connection that we have on each other.

Whenever I come home a little earlier than the usual, I turn on TV Patrol and listen to the latest news from our beloved Pinas. Even if majority of what we hear are not so good news, we still take it in , even if it feels like swallowing a bitter pill with all the controversies and negative issues that fills our ears.

Dinner usually starts with the so-so hosting of Cesar Montano on The Singing Bee [**insert pictures of dancing honey bees with their a little too tight on the chest costume**].

If I had joined, I would have been a millionaire already more than once, so says my housemates. And we would start to dream of where we will spend my “hard-earned” money in case that happens. LOL. Crazy dreamers we are.

Used dinner plates would stay unmoved and waiting to be taken to the kitchen sink, as we sat there and cheer Claudine’s plight in Iisa Pa Lamang. While one housemate would shrieked like a banshee in heat whenever Diether would down his shirt and show off his yummy abs. [** this housemate is not me, hint: R** ahaha]. Don’t you just love Claudine’s and Angelica’s outfits? After a strong exchange of dialogue, one can not help but notice their power dresses and claudine’s big boobs.Gaby is so much like Cristopher Reeves, but unfortunately his role bores us to death.

Before Iisa Pa Lamang we followed Lyca and Noah’s Underworld spin-off romance. LOBO made us cringe when Piolo became a wolf himself and searched Angel among a pack of white wolves. Eni mini may ni mo, Lyca Lyca is dat you? 🙂 And whenever there is a shot of Dionne, I’d tell them “That’s my friend/idol Aileen’s Sister!!”. LOL.

Ligaw na Bulaklak would follow after, and this is our cue to clean the table and wash the dishes. This is our time to change the channel, check our emails, or have a toilet break. This is also when we catch up on how each other’s day went, updating each other on what’s new and what’s not.

We then enjoy a good laugh, really good laugh, while watching My Girl. This show is just hilarious and at the same time heart melting. Ahhh the feeling of being in love! Kim did a good job with her character as Jasmin, that I didn’t mind at all that the story is an adaptation of a Korean Novela of the same title. My Girl will be ending soon, and Dyosa will then keep us company as she search for her destiny on air, water and land.

And lastly, we watch the scholar’s journey in Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2. We play Simon each night, and cheer on our favorite scholar’s. More than once we found ourselves hurrying to get home on a Saturday night, just so we could watch PDA’s Gala Night performance. Is that jologs or what? Haha

So there you go, this is our Jolog‘s marathon on weeknights. Enjoying a doze of kajologan in the company of friends… i don’t really mind, not even a bit. I am , we are, Jologs by heart. And what’s funny is, we don’t usually do this when we were still in Cebu.

Enjoying a taste of jologs, what other people would call baduy, in this place far away from what’s familiar, makes this little corner a home away from home.

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