January 31, 2008

January Thank You List

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Wow! last day of the first month of the year already, yet it feels like it was just the other day that I was basking over good food and good company back home. I almost forgot about my panata to write a Thank You list for every month. It would have been bad forgetting to do it on the first month, not a good start at all.

Anyway, just a short post for today (busy mode kuno)

1. Holiday vacation back home

It was really a blessing that I was able to get a leave. And what’s more is that while I was still praying on how to ask a leave from my boss (cause I’m the newest in the group), he approached and asked me if I have any plans of going home for the holidays and if i do, then I better book my tickets already! (Ain’t he adorable?!) While some spent like $500 at least for the round trip tickets, I got mine for a lot cheaper. And right after I booked my flight, I checked the site again after an hour, and it was already $100+ higher! Ang bait talaga ni Lord

2. meeting the supergirls

I’ve talked about them countless times here already. I haven’t meet yet all of the wonderful ladies whose friendship started from their online blogs. I’ve met 4 gorgeous woman whose friendship I now treasure. The way they see things, their devotion to their family, how they carry themselves, they are not fearless just brave woman. They got me hooked reading them online, and meeting them in person… they rock! oh yeah!

3. A very wonderful Christmas with the Family

yes. Need I say more? If you’ve been reading my posts then you know just how happy I am 🙂 Merriest Christmas indeed.

4. Shopping sa pinas

I left for my vacation with only 3 pairs of blouse and 2 jeans. The rest of the stuff in my luggage are all pasalubong. So … a girl needs to fill her bag with something right? heheh

5. Suspension of the memorandum

Oh yes, and hopefully this will be totally abolished.

Good news , good news.. we all could use some 🙂


p.s: and the pounds i gained during the break… nooooo! im not thankful at all. hehehe


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