July 31, 2007

Thriller Mania

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With more than 2 million hits at since it was uploaded last week, the video above really is making waves in the news and internet. It features the inmates from Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) doing their own versions of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Whoopie Goldberg’s Sister Act dance number, among others.

Penology in the Philippines (and even abroad) has always been associated with hard core criminals, drug lords, pushers, rapist, etc. etc… even a mixing of both guilty and the innocent. Or the guilty feigning innocence. It is a place where the limelight only choose to focus when there’s a big fish going in, quality of life of the inmates is being documented, or God forbid a jail break has erupted. It is a place where the guilty are sent to be punished, a God forsaken place as some would call it, and not a somewhere where the next Guinness record is being vied at.

It has been featured in Jessica Soho Reports, one of the top documentary shows in the country. Then the next thing you know, CNN is featuring it. And just this morning, Umagang kay Ganda’s (morning show at ABS) hosts were doing their warm up exercise following the dance steps of the inmates.

My sis, J and I had a good laugh last night watching the whole video (that and watching Beyonce’s fall face first during her Orlando concert). We are not talking about just a bunch of inmates dancing in the prison’s quadrangle. We’re talking about hundreds of them, performance level, facial expression perfect, internalization intact, imitating M.J’s Thriller video. I’m telling you, these guys (and girls!) can give M.J a run for his money! 🙂

During interviews, some inmates said that they had been doing this as part of their daily exercise. Some even said that they got bored just shooting hoops, and the activity is really something they look forward to. Hmmm… I bet the jail guards won’t be too strict when he sees a couple of inmates huddled together. For all you know they are just conversing on how to do that perfect zombie walk, and how much they like that crotch-holding step. lol.

But really, kidding aside, Kudos to the mind behind this activity. It surely did give a new light on how people outside see the life of those behind bars. See! Imagine how much you can do when you unite together for something good. I really hope they could set a record for this.

Hmmm.. if Big Brother has Housemates… then CPDRC have the dancing Inmates!


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