June 26, 2007

isla del fuego – ii

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Our boat docked at the town of Larena, and i finally set foot in the mystical island of Siquijor!! This island is popularly known to many because of it’s so called unggo (ghosts and beings of the like) , mambabarang (witches ??) and mananambal (quack doctors). But I digress, the island just have so many things to offer. Lush Greens, clean air, fantastic view, beautiful beaches and rich culture are just some of them.

We checked in at our resort, and were glad that we have a whole house for ourselves. Nice pa jud ang house. (The neighboring resort even have P800 air conditioned cottages with cable TV already! But when we checked somebody already booked it. ) Immediately you will notice the silence. Haha, that’s how silent it is out there. You can’t help but notice just how calm and peaceful the resort is. In fact, after 3 days of being there, the whole island speaks of the same silence. Not your eerie kind of silence, but just relaxing and would really put your chaotic mind at rest. The phrase “peace of mind” is perfect for the place. Too bad it’s not something we could buy as pasalubong for the people back at the city.

Virgin island pa jud ang Suquijor. We thought we could just buy some mcDo or Jollibee or some grocery from the town central. But there were none. We would either eat from some eatery or carenderia or buy some bread to take with us back at the resort.

Since neither of us had been there before, a friend of J who’d been there, suggested that we try Chan Eatery. It’s located near the port of Siquijor. It is owned by Lollita Chan, who filled our tummy with delicious food and our minds with many stories that will make you laugh, warm your heart and will make you dish out a few tales of your own.

She gave us a map of the whole island, complete with legends of the beautiful beaches, caves, forests, falls and historical places to visit. Yes, you could practically tour the whole island in less than a day. And that we did. We rented a bike (motorbike) and off we go touring the whole island, with just a map in hand. Kewll!!

I won’t keep this post long, but the highlight of the trip for me was that we made sure we lighted candles on the churches in all 6 towns of Siquijor: San Juan, Lazi, Maria, E. Villanueva, Larena and Siquijor.

Mao ra jud ako gipangadyi. Nga padayon unta Niya nga ampingan ang mga gasa nga Iyahang gihatag kanako. Sama sa tawo nga kuyog nako, ang akong pamilya, ang akong mga higala ug ang mga saad nga Iyang gpadangat sa akoa nga akong gigunitan labaw pa sa tanan. Puno ra jud ko sa pagpasalamat nga bisan unsa pa kadako nga problema muabot, anaa gihapoy daghan nga rason nga magpasalamat Kaniya.

Taasa na sa akong sentence oi. Hehe nasipyat ang bisaya sa sentence. 🙂

Wonderful Time!

Casa de Playa (House by the Sea). This is where we stayed.



This is the beautiful madam lollita chan. She owns the Chan eatery near Siquijor port. She is really a dear. Her store has been featured in so many shows already, like Korina Sanchez’s show at Channel2. Her famous Torta that she bakes old school, has so many orders, some even from overseas. She shared the conversations exchanged between her and the many strangers who had visited her home.

Saint Francis of Assisi Church in Lazi. One of the 6 churches we visited and lighted candles. What’s nice with these churches is that they carry a lot of history with them. They are old churches, with matching bell towers to boot. But what’s not so nice is that, you will really notice the lack of care on them. Most of the churches badly needed repairs, paint jobs, ceilings changed. Maybe the town people have their own reason for this. But i hope the churches won’t continue to physically waste away.

One Liter of Gas. Yes, what’s inside these coke bottles is not the famous cola, but gasoline. After long stretch of road you will these little shanty stores which sells them. We only bought 2 liters as we circled the whole island.

would you believe that this Balete tree is already more than a century old. eeerrrrieeeee. Look close maybe you’ll see something. heheh.

It was just J, me and the big Balete tree. ’twas a bit eerie. We even said tabi tabi po, just in case. LOL.

in one of our stops, we found this craft shop which sells a few handcrafted works.



On the road to adventure. 🙂 Panget ang Pic, wala na do justice ang view 🙂


a VERY old convent that is now turned into a mini school for the town’s kids.


We were looking for an eatery then to appease our hungry tummies. Then this big sign was posted and we thought “Eureka!”. The sign said it was a Gotohan, or for those who’re are not familiar Goto is a famous Filipino dish. We burst out laughing when we noticed another banner attached on the Goto sign.


Hmmm… do they give you a perm while you eat your goto? LOL



One of the local guys we saw at Cambughanay Falls showing off his dive skills.

Cambughanay Falls. Soothingly fresh water. We stopped here and bought some fresh coconut to quench our thirst. Refreshing! 🙂 There are actually 3 falls here, in the picture is the second one. The tallest is the last one (previous picture).



Sunod Napud!





  1. nice kaau…suya kaau ko..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

    Comment by magin — July 3, 2007 @ 12:13 am

  2. hahaha… kamo npud ni kuya do^… ehem ehem… second honeymoon… para naa napud anothr bby 🙂 mwhehehhe

    Thanks for visiting te magin!

    Comment by didee — July 3, 2007 @ 2:28 am

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