May 1, 2007

Weekend Special

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I had a really wonderful weekend. Hope my weekends would be as nice as this one hehehe. 🙂


I went with some friends from the office for an outreach activity for Cantipla Elementary School at Balamban Cebu. It was a pretty remote place, a bit far from the hustle and bustle of city life. It was like little Bagio of Cebu. Lush greenery and cool air. Mountain air can really do wonders for your lungs.

I have never been to Cantipla, but when Lex showed me some pictures of the school, i eagerly signed up to join!

Because the place is in the far off section of Cebu, the school lacks some educational aid from the government. And even if its election time, some politicians don’t really go out of their way to help cause the population count of the barrio is not that high, which in turn would mean low voting percentage. Tsk Tsk.

But anyway, when we got to the school the person-in-charge was not yet there. With no keys, and all the stuff from the transpo already unloaded, i watched the kids get inside the school through an opening in side gate. It wasn’t much of an opening, just something that a 10 year old kid would fit in. couldn’t wait for the gates to be opened so i sneaked in with one of the kids, and before i knew it, a bunch of them suddenly came running my way, hugs and smiles welcoming me into their little play den.

I introduced myself and had some chika minute with the kids, and just like any other outreaches I’ve joined, you would not fail to feel the hunger of these kids. The hunger for attention. But this bunch were more fortunate, at least they have their parents with them. At least, they are not troubled with TB like those from an orphanage I’ve visited last year. And these new friends of mine, know how to play and have fun! 😉

A couple of minutes after, the school gate was opened and in came the boxes of school supplies we got for them. And two more boxes, containing the food that would appease our hungry stomachs. Lex handed me the mic and i welcomed everyone, the parents of the kids, some school caretakers, the NEC engineers who volunteered, and most importantly the kids. We were happy that a lot came. We weren’t expecting plenty since it was summer and school is out. Since our resources were very limited because of a little higher than expected attendance, we had the kids fall in line and and distributed the food and half praying that somehow no one would go home without having their fill of Jollibee chickenjoy. But like the feeding of five thousand in the bible, there was enough for everybody. Praise God!

After having our tummy’s filled, we started on the games. It was fun watching them go all out in the longest line, the pass the message with a twist, statue dance, and Bring me games. Father Giovanni would sometimes get the mic from my hand and give his segway lines. It was really fun, fun, fun!

I got home around 4pm, and i just lay there in the living room and before i knew it, i was sound asleep. Hehehe…

Late afternoon, mi amor came and we configured his new laptop! hehe toys for the big boys. I know this new piece of property would last long… knowing him, he takes REALLY good care of his stuff. He’s even more meticulous than me. Another plus. Hehehe.

We just stayed at our house, watching TV and configuring his new toy. He insisted that we just buy food outside, and i promise i’ll cook for him next time. Gikapoy ko wala na nakaluto heheh. To make up for not being able to cook dinner, i just made him a very deeli avocado salad. Slurp! And with a big smile he even asked for seconds. Hehhe. How cute.

One of the kids is holding on to his father’s hand in the midst of all the activities around him. I hope all of us will also hold on unswervingly to God’s Hand, our Father, as He leads us to life’s own set of adventures.


I woke up late cause i slept very late watching the latest season of Desperate Housewives. It was a lazy sunday morning, and later turned out to be a hot summer afternoon. We have three electric fans at the house. One in my room, one in my sisters’, and one in the living room. And just this week, two of them wont function! My little pink one, went all around the house giving its services in place of the other two.

So there i was in my room, watching heroes in my pc and my little pink electric fan keeping me company. The doorbell rang, and my sister told me that J was at the gate. My first thought was.. “WHAT! Wala pa koy ligo! (I didn’t took a bath yet!)” hahaha. We were suppose to meet later, when he’ll fetch me and we will go to mass together. So i went out and when i opened the door, there he was in the stairs carrying a bulky box with a big smile on his face. When i realized that it was an electric fan, i just hugged him for his thoughtfulness.

That’s just him, giving something when you least expect him, and really unexpected gifts! ahaha. One of my favorite is when there was one night when roaches started appearing in our house. Good thing it only lasted one night. He was at the office at that time, and we were talking on the phone, and i was telling him that im holding my slipper in one hand cause il kill a roach when i see one creeping near me. Hehe it was really funny. It was almost midnight when he got out from work, and it was around midnight when i got a call from him telling me that he’s downstairs. It was raining that night so i immediately went down. When i opened the gate, he was there, slightly wet and holding… of all things… BAYGON insecticide! ahahaha… I never thought of of Baygon as a romantic gift… but now, i couldn’t look at another insecticide without remembering his thoughtfulness. 😉

This is getting to be a long post. Kabantay mo? ahaha. Nway, after setting up my new electric fan (hehe), we chilled for awhile talking about this and that. Then he asked me if i wanted to watch a Ryan Cayabyab concert. I smiled, trying to hide my excitement, cause who wouldn’t want to watch the maestro himself! He then took out two tickets that he got from his officemate. It was that night!

I immediately took a bath, fixed myself and then we went to church together and had an early dinner before finding our seats in the show just outside the mall. It was perfect! It was our second concert together, the first was when he was still courting me. I’ll try to post a different entry for the concert itself. It was really really great.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend! 🙂

p.s: And we don’t have any work the following day, Monday. hehe.. truly a wonderful weekend!


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