May 1, 2007


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This picture is among my favorite of those we took at the Cantipla outreach (thanks Janee for the shot! 🙂 ).

It just reminded me how I had held on to God as a life rope for so many times in the past. And always, He has seen me through. Never failing. And through all those times, when i tagged on His hand, He would just open His hand wider so He could hold my hand firmly. His grip would just bring me comfort. And even when i pray, and no words escape my mouth, sometime He would just lead me in tears with joy that can only come from Him.

I could never turn my back on someone who never turned His back on me. I am a mess without His hand slowly putting together the puzzle pieces inside me. It is so sweet to be loved by the King of all Kings, Love Himself.

What He sees in me, i don’t know, but He must have seen something special cause He held on to me. I hope I can make Him proud.

Sometimes I fell asleep feeling wrapped up in His arms, and just closing the doors on things that clouds up my mind. And sometimes, when I face something new in my life. I imagined Him, just like in the picture, holding my hand and saying that whatever happens He’s there. He’s gonna be there. He will see me through.

There is no greater peace when one is down on his knees, and there is no greater source of strength than for one to stand beside God, trusting to take each step with Him, hand in His.

Thank you PaKing.


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