February 28, 2007

Sultry Sumilon

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Last Feb 3, me and my project group had a relaxing time at Sumilon Island Resort. We availed of their day-use package cause its what we can afford hahaha. Overnight stay at this very beautiful island costs a lot, so if you’re planning to make this a gift for me you’ll be in the top of my favorite people in the world hehe.

It was an all expenses paid trip, since we used what was left of our prize money from the office. No, we didn’t won a contest or anything of that sort. It was a prize for a job well done cause during our last release, we had a zero bug count during our acceptance test. Weeee! Japan didn’t found any bug! (for those who are not familiar with this software lingo, a “bug” is a term coined for abnormalities, nonconformance, or anything wrong with an application or a program 🙂 )

Nweiz, so off we went to Sumilon, J was invited, which made the whole trip even more memorable. 🙂

Photoblog muna ta this time,  it was really a B.E.U.TiFul place. Hope to go back there this year ehehehe. (Sumilon down, Palawan here i come! bwhahahahaa)

note: we weren’t able to get REALLY good shots from our own cam, so some of the pictures here were grabbed online. Sources noted.  🙂


One of the activities that you can enjoy in the island is trekking. It would take approximately less than an hour to circle the whole island. Hehe in our case, just in time for a very sumptuous lunch.

If you can see that gap between where we were standing and that big rock, it’s a point of no return if you happen to you know… fall 🙂  Suppppeeeerrrr windy, we have to wait for the wind to lie low before taking this shot, cause you can’t stand still and give that best smile for the camera 🙂

lighthouseThe island also features a lighthouse for their non-vertigo-conscious guests. I wasn’t able to go all the way up (loser!!! 😦 ) but J was more than willing to give it a shot, and two of the boys from our group followed him.

Had a good laugh when Solts and Vicrox tried to go up, but decided against it in the middle of the climb.

Feeling ko , i was only able to climb higher than 1/4 but less than 1/2 of the whole length. Bwahahahahaa…. go figure 🙂

 view from top, the beach front


 view from top, the lagoon, i enjoyed doing my kayak here 🙂 

After a very tiring trek… ahaha… kidding (You won’t even sweat because of the cool air, mauga ang singot!) , you can chill in the lounge. The pic above was from google images, imagine a daytime version of that na lang. Besides that is the wide lobby/reception area/dining area where a feast was waiting for us. Eat all you can my friends! ehehe…


(Photo from google images) After a very FULLfilling lunch buffet, what better way to spend the lazy afternoon than having a quick nap. Hahaha… Swine Syndrome! Some chose to chill near the lagoon area.

lantayOr, enjoy a relaxing time on the lantay! For me this is one of my favorite.

Lantay is like a bamboo bed. And they are scattered around the island for guests to use. There are also pillows on them, color coded even to match the fabric/curtain on the posts. Prrrrrrfect!


Another view of the Lantay or Payagpayag i was telling you about.

This one is without the fabric thingy.


kayak at the lagoon. (Heheehe… katol ang water.) The water is a bit itchy (haha sakto ba nga translation?).

(Photo taken from google images) A view of the beachfront.

Diveshop. Sumilon is an aqualife sanctuary, and boasts of very rich marine life not just in the country.

Top right of this picture is the pool, overlooking the sea. And on each side of the pool, are two jacuzzi’s.

And that my friends, is where i spent a better half of my afternoon.

We ended our stay at the island with a mass, officiated by a priest coming from the mainland.

Natures wonders really knows how to take your breath away. A sweet sultry escape in the relaxing paradise island. Thanks for taking the ride with me.



  1. hey … that was a very nice vacation indeed … ka nice sa place … 😀

    Comment by ideru — March 5, 2007 @ 9:02 am

  2. wow, nice pics here! 🙂
    relax to the max from the atrocities of routine testing and debugging!
    yeah! rock on! 🙂

    Comment by neiloytz — March 10, 2007 @ 4:54 am

  3. hi there!just bloghopping..very nice place!Wer is this and how much are the rates there? I’m looking for a hideaway when we go back to the phil.

    Comment by dowadee — March 22, 2007 @ 8:02 am

  4. hi dowadee ,
    thanks for visiting 🙂 The place is the island of sumilon, south of cebu. Usually the trip takes 2.5-3.0 hrs landtrip plus 15 minutes boat ride going the the island. But the long ride is worth it, the island is really a paradise, even in its simplicity. Day trip rate is PHP1000/pax, and covers use of island amenities(kayak, trekking, snorkel), buffet lunch (yummy! fresh!), boat trip to and fro the island. They even have games, books if you want to just chill around the lantay2x… 🙂
    I forgot their overnight rates for the rooms, ut if i remember right that would be around 9k-15k, soweeee not so sure..

    hope this is helpful, and hope you’ll enjoy your getaway when you do get back in the country. 🙂

    Comment by didee — March 22, 2007 @ 8:22 am

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