January 12, 2007

our little angel

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little one dance
little once smile
little one jump
little one sigh
little one loved
little one cared
little one treasured
little one endeared
little one so precious
little one so true
little one much cherished
little one , thats you

little fingers slightly formed
little toes almost born
your little cries unheard
little life unselfishly shared

you left with lights
embracing the sky
and the night
wasnt as dark as before
with thousand of angels
welcomes you in their midst
our little one
you will be missed.



On the eve of Christmas a friend of mine spent the birth of            Christ inside an ambulance. While festivities outside are at               its peak, she was hanging on for dear life, and for the life                    of her baby. My friend was at their kitchen when she noticed          that she was bleeding. They rushed her to the hospital, where      later on they were told that the baby was raptured inside. I              got the message the following day, Christmas day, while            helping James pick out Christmas gifts. My heart just cried            and overcomed with feeling of helplessness. Later, we went               to the hospital to check on her.

She’s coping. She’s gonna be alright. She’s a fighter, that i           know. And that little guy that was inside her just the other             day, he was one hell of a fighter too, up until the end. I just    admired her courage when she told me that she just          surrendered her baby to God and have His will be done.                Only one great love can do that.

And to our little one, sing now with the angels.                                   You are much loved by everyone. 🙂


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