January 11, 2007

Forever Young

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New year na! wow! eheheh (delayed reaction noh? ahahha). Another year down, a lot of things are getting complicated, a lot of stuff one has to think about, responsibilities, career, haaaaaaaaaaaaaay….. i hope that even how complicated life may seem, that we will always find a way to make it a little bit simplier.

So here are 10 ways on how to  stay young (even just for this year ehehehe):

1. Throw out nonessential numbers. ( This includes age, weight, and height.)
Let the doctors worry about them, that is why you pay them. Hehehe i wish i could also throw away the numbers

on my bills

nyahahaha.  Oo nga naman, if we keep thinking about the number in our age and then worry how far we are in achieving those dreams we’ve had since we were kids. Yaiks, wrinkles! I remember when i was still smalll, i couldn’t wait to grow up and dream about doing a lot of things. And now that I’m 20 something already, well,,, im happy with where i am right now. Im young enough and old enough. That’s where i am.

2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.
(Keep this in mind if you are one of those grouches!) I just don’t like hanging around with pessimistic people. I mean, if you want to be sad, then be sad. You want to be angry, then be angry. BUt man! Don’t make it a habbit. I feel awkward when people would go out of their way just to make me feel comfortable. Maulaw ko! (unsay english ana? I’m shy?! nyahahahah). Dli bya ko anak sa dato, dali sad mi rich and mabaw ra sad ko ug kalipay. (i’m no princess, we’re not rich, and it’s so easy to make me happy). I admit, i have my moods (who doesn’t?!). So i hope for this year, il be able to lessen those moods from surfacing. There are better things to do in life than grouch around. Having my cubemates at the office is such a blessing. We laugh at almost anything. And somehow at the end of the day, it makes a whole lotta of difference.

 3. Keep learning: Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the brain get idle.
“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”And the devil’s name is Alzheimers!  I just love trying out new stuff. Arts and crafts has always been close to my heart. And sometimes i tinker with it when i can’t sleep or had a bad day. And sometimes i even get paid for it! weeee! But what i love most is making cards and artsy stuff for mi amor.  ehehe. Hehehe call me a retard but i enjoy answering IQ test, and other books which really stimulates your brain.

Even bloghopping is a healthy habbit, at least one is learning something new.

So if your reading this entry, then you are in the right track. nyahahaha 🙂 After all, the brain is still the sexiest part of the body. (Hahaha, neck down though, is another story). But it is said, what you don’t use you will lose. Remember the parable of the talents? God wants us to maximize his gifts! repeat after me, my brain is not a couch potato. (repeat till fade)

Food trips! Travel! Travel! Travel! (Lord bless me wid tickets! eheheh)

4. Enjoy the simple things.

Want to simplify your life? Find joy in the simple things. I have this journal at home,

been keeping one since college.

But i really don’t call it a journal. It’s more of a Thank You book.  At the end of the day, i write down things that im thankful for.  A sentence or two would sometimes do the trick. But there are times when i just had a wonderful day that an entry would take up a few pages or more. I would just laugh at times when i read my entries from years ago and read the things that made me happy back then. And one thing i can say, some things just don’t change. Try nyo! You will be amaze to see that no matter how your day sucks there will always be something to be thankful for. A grateful heart is a devil’s nightmare. 🙂

5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.
And if you have a friend who mak es you laugh, spend lots and lots of time with him or her! It’s one free thing that we can enjoy all of our life. Laugh at your mistakes. I do! eheheh… I’m a blooper magnet, and my friends tells  me i suck at delivering a joke cause im laughing so hard already i can’t make it through the punch line. And yes, sometimes my punchlines sucks ehehehehe. 🙂 (there i admit it!) Hahahha! I am blessed to have the korniest (este wakciest) personal tickler and joker

who makes me smile, laugh and roll with so much happiness.  And to have a bunch of friends

who are as equally nutty. Man! Im gonna have a happy death 🙂 eheheh

6. The tears happen:Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person who is with us our entire life, is ourself
Live while you are alive.

One thing i’ve learned in the past year, when God closes a door He opens up the whole roof.

Staring at that close door is sucha waste of time. 🙂

7. Surround yourself with what you love.

Whether it’s family , pets,  keepsakes,  music,  plants, hobbies,  whatever. Your home is your refuge. I live with my family, and through happiness and pain, we go through it together. I have loving friends who are just a great blessing from God. And have a special someone who just showers me with much love. These are the things that really matters. 🙂

8. Cherish your health.
If it is good, preserve it.
If it is unstable, improve it.
If it is beyond what you can improve, get help

9. Don’t take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, even to a foreign country, but NOT to where the guilt is.

If one is guilty, say sorry. Ask for forgiveness.

Its the first thing to get things off your chest.

S-O-R-R-Y  goes a long way 🙂  And as tempting as it is, steer clear of petty parties. Trust me, they’re not good company 🙂

10. Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity.

So im saying it now! And im saying it loud!.. I LOVE YOU. (i do!) . Always.  🙂


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