December 12, 2006


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We’ve been together for eight years. I was a chubby 13 year old kid when i first met the great “you”. Your reputation preceeds you. Seems like everyone knows you, and that you’ve been everywhere. When news spread that we were together, people we’re impressed. “A great catch” that’s how they said it to me. I was pretty pleased with myself for landing “a great catch”.

I first saw you with arms spread wide, head looking up, and stark naked! In my young mind, i thought this is what true freedom is like. Being who you are in all your glory, letting the world bask at what they see, and still be in control of who you are, never losing you. But inspite of that mature opinion i was priding myself for having at that young age, i couldn’t seem to look at you for more than a second. You were naked and im a minor for goodness sake! But all that changed as years went by.

UP OblationAnd for eight years, those arms never once did go down. They were always open to me, and to whoever would be in need of hope, comfort… and yes… pride. I never got jealous when i saw someone else in those arms. It seemed that through the years that I’ve known you, I have come to accept that it is part of who you are. I have come to embrace that part of your nakedness.

Through the years that I’ve known you, i have heard of not so nice things said about you. Of how you lead so many rebellions and leftist beliefs. Of how you always seem to opose to what the majority wants, of how you were branded as an ungrateful son. But people who knew you well, spoke on your behalf. It was never your intention to be different, and it was never your desire to be deviant. Your strong belief for what is good and your passion for your land had oftentimes been misinterpreted. I have had my share of street walks and tight fisted shouts, and during those moments i have understood your heartbeat. Though it is a shame that not everyone nowadays who demonstrate such act seem to know the heartbeat behind every shout. It’s more than a battle between principles. It is way more than that.

I have had my share of tears during our time together. Yes, you have made me cry so many times.  But i seem to always come out challenged and stronger. In my own little ways I just want to make you proud and not regret having to come across my path. I hope i did make you proud. It is the least i could do for someone who have cradled me and have helped groomed me into who i am right now.

Just this morning, i was on my way to work and i passed by the place where we usually hang out. And then i saw you. Your arms were still wide open still, but there was a banner hanging on them. There was a black cloth covering your proud head. You’re saying something again, with your muted words and proud stance, you have made a statement. I wish you well my dear Oble, and thank you for everything.

Author’s Note:  For those who do not know. The UP Oblation or dearly called Oble is the sculpture of a man in the entrance of the University of the Philippines campuses. It is said to be the most famous sculpture in the country next to that of the Rizal’s Statue in Luneta. Why is he naked? It means “clothed me with knowledge”, or so we were told back in high school.  UP is my dear alma matter and this morning as i was passing by my old school on the way to work, there was a banner hanging by the Oblation which say’s “No to Tuition Fee Increase”. Anytime there is a political or demonstration or any statement which is of critical concern to the students or to the country, our dear Oble would be the main billboard, sometimes it’s head is even covered with a black sack to emphasize the seriousness of the it’s plight.

Salamat Oble. Labs Yow.



  1. hi diane! musta? my 24p blog is no more… hehehehe. gave up on it na… =(

    Comment by adz — December 28, 2006 @ 5:10 pm

  2. hallu adz! too bad you gave up on ur 24p blog… hope something will be up soon.. update me ha 🙂 Ingat ka dha… ehehehe werever you are…

    Comment by windchimes — January 3, 2007 @ 12:58 am

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