November 16, 2006

Another Month Down

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The past weeks for him had been filled with busy days. As what we say, taga-liog (neck high) ang ka busy. As much as i want to spend time together with him and do the things we used to do when both of our schedules are as free as a bird, we can’t.

We talked for awhile on the phone, like what we usually do, while he’s at the office doing his work stuff. It wasn’t even  the usual long talks that we have cause i know as much as he  would want to talk, he also need to concentrate on what he’s doing.

And then he would always say, “Sige lang, at least naa ta work na gikabusyhan”.  (It’s ok, at least we have jobs to be busy about)

That’s why I really appreciate it that even how busy he is he  would still find time to fetch me and take me home (and insist on doing so). Even if i say that i can manage on my own, that im a big girl.. blah blah… 🙂

That’s why as much as possible i want to be a blessing to him. Buy him dinner which he could take in the office so he wouldn’t have to eat out, surprise hatod of food sa office so he would have something to munch on, or order pancit for him cause iyaha na nga peborit. (hmmm .. puro lagi ni food ako example? ahahaha… the shortest distance between two points is through the stomach!… nyahahahha)

But anyway, last night, i was having one of my conversations with myself, telling me to just let it slip. That just in case he forgets, just let it slip. That just in case, choose to understand. That just in case, don’t sulk. That in a few hours, it would be another month down.

It was almost midnight, and im waiting for his text to tell me he is safely home. I was in the middle of reading Veronica’s plight in Paulo Coelho’s “Veronica Decides to Die”, when my cellfone went berserk, and mi amor’s name was flashing.

I answered the fone and there goes his voice greeting me. His tired yet still sweet voice. And all i could muster at that moment was.. “waaah i thought you forgot” ehehehe…

He asked me to look out my window, and there he was, on his bike carrying a surprise package on one hand and the other one holding the fone. It was such a lovely sight, that it reminds me during the time when he would lip sync with actions outside my window. I hurriedly went down opened the gate and gave this wonderful man the tightest hug i could muster.

He handed me the mysterious package, and inside is bag with a little cutie bag inside. Nyahaha… na girlie na ako lalabs 🙂
He just never ceases to amaze me.

Just as a new day begins and marks the start of another month down for us, out of the busy schedule that we have, simple things and surprises such as this just makes life a whole lot ownderful.

love you always 🙂


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