October 30, 2006


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All Hollows Break

yipee! Holloween is just around the corner, and as tradition people usually go home to their hometowns and families. And because of this we have 3 day no-work here! weeeee!

This week we’re only required to workk for 2 days (monday and Tuesday), then 3 days no work, then weekend after … weeeee! 5 days no work! weeeeee! ehehhehe…

No wonder people are cramming to download as much movies and series as they can, and burn their players with a dvd marathon during the break. I wish i could spend the break with someone special, but alas, poor me… duty calls for him. 🙂


 Femme Friday

I had a blast with my cellgroup last friday night at El Loco! Spending time with these girls are always a breather for me… Time flies by so fast you won’t even notice it cause you’re having a really good time (ako ra ba ? basi wala mo nalingaw ha eheheh?). Good conversation, while munching on our burritos and taking a stab at our salad… yum! (hehehe good thing i went to my cardio strip and belly dancing class the following day.. nyahahah .. yea yea .. i enrolled myself on some classes… 🙂



This month someone blessed me with a 1month membership at a gym. Wow! It couldn’t have come at a better time. hehehe

Why im so blessed with it ?
1. Its free.. of course! eheheh.. (thanks mah frend for the late bday gift.. ehehehe difenitely worth the wait!)
2. Who wouldn’t want to shed off a few pounds (God knows I’ve been gaining weight lately 😦 )
3. I need to divert my attention on something else (aside from work, my art hobbies), because dali ra ko mingawon … il have my self check cause basi sakit na ni .. 🙂

I can’t workout as much as i want to, because I’ve passed out thrice on last year while doing so. It’s just something i have to work with. No worries 🙂

But what’s so nice on the program are the many classes you can involve yourselves with, dance/aero stuff that would keep your body moving and would really make you sweat! sweet!

Now let’s hope i can stay faithful and attend the classes.. and hope il get these extra flabs off me.. hehehe..



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