October 23, 2006


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Been awhile.. before i start posting.. let me clean up the cobwebs and dust thats been settling a bit in my blog while my time was consumed by other things in the real world… whhooosh.. there.. that should do it … 🙂

Anyway… last week, our company’s Sportsfest season was officially open for this year. Its a two week activity where all the employees are divided into different teams (Blue Titans, Yellow Wolverine, Red Thundercats, Black Cowboys) and would have to compete with each other in a lot of areas to bring pride to their respective group. From PC games (warcraft, Quake, Enemy Territory, etc), to Boardgames (Scrabble, Chess, Chinese Checkers) , to Actual Physical Sports (Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Track and Field, Marathon, Shootout, Badminton, etc)… all comprised the activities that were lined up for the people to enjoy. 🙂

A Cheering competion opens up the event… and mind you , this is not your regular boring, 2-step-clap cheers, its kick-ass Dance and Lifting and Stunts and Cheer type. The cheering part is one of the most anticipated event in the two week(end) activity.

Anyway, what i just told you is but an intro to why i named my post BraVaBroom… this post i guess would have to add to my list of bloopers with motorbikes…

My honey is just so sweet (waaaaah i promised to be les mushy on my post, but cnt help it),…. his work shift had tragically changed from 6am-3pm to 10pm-7am… bt if he can, he would still fetch me from the office (or wherever i may be at around 9pm) then safely take me home, then ride with lightning speed to his work just so he wont be late…

heheh.. wala ko nawala sa topic.. naa nay konek… so last saturday, we were late in the office and i was helping out prepare our props for our BBK. BBK or Binibining Kusgan, is another tradition we have in our company. It’s the culminating activity which wraps up the whole Sportfest season.
Its the awards night, and a night of transformation for some of our office “hunks”. BBK is like a pageant where each team would look for a representative which would meet the following req’ts:

a. must be male — STRAIGHT
b. all of the above.. nyahahaha

us trying to pretty up our hunkOftentimes, its a make or break contest, cause its a mjor event and the overAll team standing could change basing from the outcome of the BBK. So anyway, part of his Team Costume is a piece of altered brassiere that would complete his Titans look. Since it was still unaltered that night, i volunteered to take it home with me and think of whatever ways that i cn add glamour to it. James picked my up from office a little before midnight, and i placed that particular piece of clothing on top of my gym bag…. which incidentally i forgot to zip up!

So we were on our way home, nearing the exit of IT Park.
James would sometimes drive one-handed and hold my hand with the other… (yes its possible, and yes its sweet nyehehehe… wahhh sorry sorry.. promise less mushy on my later posts)… so when he held my hand, the gym bag slipped and out came … good Lord!… The Bra!….

It was lying there in the middle of the road… the vavoom BRA!

nyahahahha… i don’t know if you could picture this as vividly as im trying to describe it… but it was just so hilarious!

I hurriedly got off the bike, my whole attention was on the bra lying there in the middle of the road for all the madlang people to see!… i kept on muttering.. “that’s not mine! tha’s not mine! thats part of the costume!” heheheh… i have to look at my honey and sheepishly tell him again and again that the bra isn’t mine! (if it was my own i wouldn’t have put it on top of the bag! Duh ?! Defensive ehehehe)

I just hope nobody really paid enough attention on us that night.. cause its embarassingly hillarious.. 🙂

Our Binibining Kusgan… Presenting Dan T. … now known as Daniela Silang!

Thanks Dan for being a great Sport!
Be sure to show this to your girlfriend, hehehe
go Blue!


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