September 22, 2006


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I don’t have a title in mind while im writing this post. So whatever the title i could come up with after, i hope it would fit to what im trying to rant here.

Hmmm.. rant… i don’t know, i guess thats not really something that i want to do now. Poor honey had to listen to me talk about it during our lunch (he visisted me in our office so we could have lunch together). Thanks a bunch hon 🙂 ) And after talking about it to him.. ok na ko. Sometimes we just need to vent it out you know .. 🙂

I guess thats just me. I try hard not to get pissed, angry, and wallow in hate. As much as possible, i shrug it off if i can or separate myself from the situation when I’m getting pissed already. But hey, everyone has a threshold, and im no different. And i may talk fast and all, but know this, i do think before i let a word goes out of my mouth. And if that word hurt you, then maybe that what i meant it for. But this is not always the case, oftentimes, its also unintentional pud..  (so if i did hurt anyone, sorry jud.. as in 🙂 )

Its not really that big of a deal, lets just say i have my own opinion about this person and majority of them i’d rather keep to myself.

Every year we have this yuletide season at the office. Its when we try to do a lot of fund raising , but totally fun activities, for the less fortunates. Like the yuletide matchmaking for example, where different girls are “auctioned” for a date (with consent of course). Imagine, we were able to raise a total of P30,000 for just one week of this activity, not bad huh? ehehehe. You can just imagine the teasing and cajoling going around for a month and a half in the office. Really fun! And at the same time, we were able to raise money to help orphanages in our community. After all, the best way to celebrate christmas is of course by sharing it to other people, especially those who have less in life. We are blessed to be a blessing. 🙂 All of us have needs but when we focused on the needs of others, we will see that in some ways or more, our burdens would seem a little more bearable.

So goin back to the reason why my tongue almost had a tongue-lashing moment (mind you, im not a nag). Before we start this years’ yuletide activities, we had to “disposed” what is left of last year’s funds. See a portion went to the landslide victims in Leyte and another to the Gawad Kalinga foundation where we were able to help build one house for a family.
There is still ample money left for one more act of charity. So i visited one orphanage which was located in one of the really destitute area in the city.

Being there, there’s no doubt in my heart that they really needed help. While me and james spent time with the kids, i asked the nuns inCharge of the things that the kids badly needed. I noted the essentials and added even a bit more because seeing their situation, you couldn’t help but think of ways just to be a blessing to them. My brain was so excited as i plotted some fun activities where software engineers in the office could participate to while we spend time with kids. I was really excited. For those who knew me, know what i meant by this.

Then one of the invitees came to me and started saying that there is no “effort” involved with this kind of activity, that all involved in it is “photo-op”, that there’s not much help rendered.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… i counted to 10. And then again… !! The nerve! if he doesnt want to help, then by all means dont! I honestly don’t care. But what hurts is how he dare tell me that there’s no effort in that! Its not just me whose involved in this. A handful of engineers taking their time off to plan, and think, and are really excited just to make this thing really special for the kids. And here’s someone who… ohhhhhhhhhhh!…. Lord Help!

So i said (with a smile): ” You know what, this all boils down to the attitude of the heart, even if you donate 1 million pesos to every orphanage there is but if your heart is not in it, then i dont think you would really feel fulfilled in what you do.”

Haaaaay ni hirit pa jud, “unsa may mabuhat nmu sa 2hours?!” (What can you do in just two hours? No effort!”)

So i said (with sweeter smile, fake!) : “If ganahan ka tawagan nako ang orphanage nya ischedule taka ug overnight for one week, syaro dli pa enough para sa imo effort” ( if you want i could shedule you with the orphanage for one whole week of overnight, maybe that would be good enough effort then)

Grrrrrrrrr… haaaaaaaaaaaaay

Anyway, thats his deal, we’re not doing this for guys like him anyway. Haaaay.. niulbo lng jud akong kaspa… i wouldn’t even try to translate that ehehehehe…

Basta excited mi for this outreach activity. hehhehee… bahala cya 🙂


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