September 7, 2006

Scrappy Hobby

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Hello ! whew… my blog has been gathering dust with no updates for over a month now.
But for the 1 month that my blog life had been dormant, nothing extra ordinaire came up.
Was busy with work and with my lalabs ehehhe and going back to my old hobby … Scrapping!

here are some layouts i did ehehe… pacencya na … my hands getting rusty ehhe.. and yeah bloody fingers from all the cuts (ehehe thats what you get when you’re not watching where the cutter is going, heller, im watching prison break kaha! )

Title :Splash
me taking a dip in the middle of the deep during our island hopping at nalusuan and hilutungan islands

Title : Star
my sister who has this fascination with the stars , Shine shine shine siskulit!

i heart you

Title : i *heart* you
just my way of telling my one and only sister.. how beautiful her older sis is.. nyahahaha.. joke! … just my way of telling her how special she is ..

you me us

Title: you,me,us
him and his sweetie … ehehe.. need i say more?

all things grow with love

Title: All things grow with Love
ehehe… i got inspired and made this layout while watching Aquamarine…
(caption in the bottom right reads: “Love is the closest thing we have to magic” , naks! ahahaha)

thats all for now.. buhbye!


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