July 5, 2006


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Eversince I’ve met james, my fascination with motorbikes resurrected. I don’t get scared when we speed up or when we trail on a very bumpy road going uphill. I remember then when we were still “just-friends”, that i would ask him if he could speed up a little… kay murag genggeng kaau ug dinaganan hahaha joke… he was being too careful man gud cause he thought i would freak out. hehe

Last night, i got out around 10 pm from the office cause i had to finish testing some 20,000 test items lang naman.. di masyadong marami hehehe. So james was waiting outside, and then we went to McDo cause he won’t let me go home without feeding my tummy.

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So there i was munching on my burger, and a few fries. And when we’re on our way home na, he placed the uneaten pack of fries in the upside-down na helmet.. hehehe.. (lisod imaginon?? hehe, its like, nka hang ang helmet so there is this hollow part inside dba, so he placed the fries inside, like a basket bah.. )..

Anyway, as much as possible i don’t wear helmet when i ride the bike (backride, i mean)…yeah yeah i know.. safety first… So a few blocks from our place, eh biglang may checkpoint… so he handed me that particular helmet, and me, without looking inside just put it over my head… and then.. .there goes the fries falling from my head hehehehe…

Buti n lng i didn’t ask for salt or ketchup, it would have really been a blooper turned into a disaster hehehe… but in fairness, it was funny.

I couldn’t contain my laughter while we we’re getting near the checkpoint area. I was giggling on the side while he was showing the police man his registration docs and license. That police guy must have thought i’m some wacko girl. Hehehe.

I didn’t take off the helmet till we arrived at my place, and when i did, there i see the flattened paper container of the fries hehe…

Now thats literally how i capped my day 🙂




    Comment by Rye — July 7, 2006 @ 12:41 pm

  2. WAHAHAHA =) this made me laugh today, thanks!

    Comment by poeticnook — July 18, 2006 @ 7:04 pm

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