June 6, 2006

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i had been feeling a little under the weather lately. A few hacheeww here and there had been my regular OST for the past few days. Been told by my self-appointed personal doc (hehhe) his own diagnosis of why this is so, which i wouldn’t even try to list down cause that in itself is another whole blog entry.

Just before lunch i was called at the lobby… and yey!!! Strawberry jam , Peanut butter and a bunch of crackers where there waiting for me to munch on hehehe… With matching “get well soon” card taped on the jam jar pa.. how sweet can that be.. really a sweet surprise 🙂 thanks james for the sweet treat!!

haaay… unsaon na lng jud hehehe.. ahihihi

later that lunch i braved the scorching heat of the 12 o’clock sun and went to the bank to incash a check. I dropped by NGenius at the IT Park to buy an enclosure for the HDD which i had neil brought for me from japan. I arrived at the bank around 12:15 i guess, and there was only one teller on service. I got my priority number (which was 118) and took a seat (of all places!!!) beside two lovebirds which really put a whole new meaning to the word PDA, the woman ( to call her a girl would be an abomination to the word) which i think is around mid30s has her hands all over the boy (yes, a boy.. and il say it again.. a boy) who later i learned is turning 20 this month (who wouldn’t know since she’s been teasing him about it for everyone in the bank to hear.. )… duh?!

anyway… so there i was with the 118 number in my hand while the Lord-please-help-her-and-make-her-work-faster one and only teller is servicing number 75… uhuhuhu….. i know im doomed.. im stuck here until the next ice age… Unsaon ta man nga i need the cash badly!!

It was already half past one when my number was flashed (and yes… la ko choice but to render undertime sa work)… only to be told that they need my SSS ID before i could in-cash my check… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…. all that waiting for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!

so with a heavy heart i went back to NGenius to get my HDD only to be told that i have to pay extra cause they need to find a work around cause none of their units could detect my hard disk. So what choice do i have but to leave it there for them to work on it, and just have to claim it after office when, hopefully, they could get it up and working.

So i went back to the office feeling feverish and with a heavy heart. Good thing my appointment that evening was cancelled cause im begging to just crawl back to my bed and sleep the rest of my life off… (OA Noh? hehhee)…

Around 7, james and i went to claim my HDD at NGenius only to know that they just can’t find a way to make it well… huhuhuhu… James would have gladly taken me home that moment, but you know me naman… I just have to try one last time. So on to SM we go looking for a second opinion, which to our dismay is the same as the first.

I went home feverish and dismayed, thinking this is just not one of my favorite days.

huhhuhu.. strawberry jam anyone?


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  1. luo-ya nimo di uy=( hop u’l fil beter nah=) mwah , d gud Lord loves u!

    Comment by Anonymous — June 8, 2006 @ 10:31 am

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