April 3, 2006


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My family and i moved to a new place last weekend. Moving in to a new turf is not that easy (even if in our case, its just a few blocks away). But we forgot all about that cause we are just so excited to start again in our new home. Another blessing indeed. I can’t wait to take out all the stuff from the boxes. hehehe.

And man oh man! we can’t believe how many boxes i used for the stuff in my room. Here’s the formula for that:

#of boxes i used = #of boxes for papa + # of boxes for kat

hehehe… little stuff that had accumulated throughout the years.
I had fun cleaning out and sorting out the things we have :
1. which one needs to stay
2. which one needs to go
3. which one is still under negotiation =)
4. which one has to be given away

Hehe and now, whenever im at the mall or wherever and saw a pretty lil thing, i have to stop, go near and try to imagine where it would look good in our new place.

“hmmm.. this lamp would really look good on the side table..”

“perfect! perfect center table! WHAT! 5,000!… not so perfect after all!”

hehehe.. if only we have all the money to splurge mwhehehe… but hey, i got to find some really good pieces at a very reasonable price.

very early sunday morning, while sleeping in my bed amidst the chaos in my room (too exhausted to finish unpacking)… i woke up to find a very beautiful bouquet at my side. Waaaah! ‘Twas a really sweet surprise…

just the perfect way to start my day 🙂

thanks for the blossoms 🙂


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