February 27, 2006


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the title above “Sharp (#) UnDefine”… would be the best way to describe how my conversation with a certain frend started at the dawn of last saturday while rendering overtime at the office. The identity of this person, as per request, is to be kept in utmost secrecy by yours truly.. or else i would have to pay the consequence of having my business trip invitation to Japan be considered null and void or be deported back to the country during my stay there *gulp!* (hehehe… that is how influential this friend of mine is).

I sincerely believe (all 5″6 of me, if God permits that I grow a couple of inches more… dream on di! hehe) that this person truly is gifted with a Wondering Mind (daghan kaau ni siya ug giwonder) and would soon be known as someone who will provide us with the know-how and how-to’s in our otherwise too complicated life… hehehe.. someone who pioneers the new breed of minds and talents of the new millennium… and a man in the crossroad of his life *wink!*…

so here are some upcoming books that will soon beat Harry Potter’s best selling title and will bombard the stands of your nearest bookstores!!!!

(i am responsible for some of the titles but the great mind behind these is no one else
but the great he-who-must-not-be-named… haha)

How to get closer, when you are already very near
– a book about space

What to do when you already have done it
– a book about defined movements.

how to complicate things the complicated way
– a simple book

how not to say what you dont want to say
– a book about saying

How not to show what you want to show
– a book about hiding place.

How To Know What You Dont Want To Know
– a book about knowledge

How To Keep Them Awake… while you are sleeping
– a book about happiness at their expense

How To Keep Them Asking For More… when you haven’t given any
– a book about give and take

When d wrong one loves u right
– a book by celine dion

When the righ one dumps you
– second book of celine dion

when the wrong one got it right
– a book about when to keep right

What To Expect when you least expect it
– a book about great expectations

What to say when you want to say nothing at all
– a book about muteness.

when to talk when ur mouth is full
– a book about healthy appetite

What to watch out for when you can’t see anything
– a book about blindness

what to look for when ur not looking
– a book about overseeing

What To Want When You Want Nothing
– a book about greediness

When To Stop When You Haven’t Started Yet
– a book abou traffic lights

What to look for when nothing’s missing
– a book about hide-n-seek

Who to look for when she is already there.
– a book abount the person

What To Say When You Already Did.
– a book about traps

how to react when you dont want to
– a book about being proactive.

what to say to keep you from not saying it
– abook about DKI

What To Feel When You Have Already Felt It.
– a book about feelers.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen… just a few samples of what wandering thoughts could produce. Grab a copy now and learn the simple steps on how to complicate things, the complicated way.

There’s one title though that i definitely would buy once it is out in the market… and the author had provided me with a few snapshots of what the book was all about… “How To Lose a Guy and Find a Replacement” hehehe…

i hope my trip is still on after posting this.. *gulp!*




  1. Are these books for real?
    I like to meet ur friend though. :p

    Comment by Anonymous — March 3, 2006 @ 2:26 pm

  2. Are these books for real?
    I’d like to meet ur friend though. :p

    Comment by Anonymous — March 3, 2006 @ 2:29 pm

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