November 25, 2005


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i dont know what it’s like
to be the love of a poet
be the words behind her
be the rhythm in her
and be the moment that
takes her breath away

i dont know what it’s like
to be the water
drowning her pain
be the blanket
covering her skin
and to be the pillow
witnessing her dreams

i dont know what it’s like
being the comfort
she curls herself in
be the reason behind
her smiles
and be the hand
that wipes her tears

i dont know what it’s like
what it’s like in the
other end
all i know is whats it’s like
being the poet in your arms


Just after posting the above poem in the poetry mailing here in the office. Georgec (aka Master George), emailed a sorta reply to it. And a couple of minutes after, i emailed my reply. Hope you’ll enjoy the short exchange =)

p.s: note to poeticnook… miss ka namin during these times. Minsanan lang maging “alive” ang poetry list. 😦


georgec reply:

it’s like this

it’s like days falling painfully insignificant
like gray skies on rainy days.
it’s like trying to count for whatever reasons
all the acne scars on the moon’s face.

it’s like the emptiness that follows a sunset
when one sits in a corner alone.
it’s like a GLOBE or SMART text in the otherwise
empty inbox of your cellphone.

my reply :

so you say

so you say it was like that
to become an insignificant sniff of the other
finding your sanity hanging by a thread
and finding lunacy a sweet surrender

so you say it was like that
watching the sunset in a whole new horizon
and keeping one word messages
locked in the corners of your cellfone



  1. hehe i-cc nyo ko sa emails =)

    Comment by poeticnook — November 30, 2005 @ 5:28 pm

  2. hehehe…. opo opo opo.. miss na nmin ang amazing nats!

    Comment by Di — November 30, 2005 @ 5:32 pm

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