June 17, 2005

Panglao @ PEYUPS

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It had been awhile since i last visited my alma matter student’s official website. And surprise surprise… i had one of my old pieces published over at PEYUPS .

Panglao was written early half of 2004 and reading it again (after almost forgetting about it) somehow gives me a different feeling. There were a few UPIANs who posted their comments and i found myself enjoying their take on the article. Panglao is one of those few pieces i made which is really personal, and yes, one of those few which i really like.

Hehehe.. but somehow though after reading it again after a long while, i can’t believe i’ve written something so overly-dramatic. But hey, what can i say, when you’re there, you’re there. Blame it on the sea 😉

So many things has happened since then. The tides change, the waters ebb, and things just have to move on. Because no matter how much i want time to stop and wait for me, it won’t. Because that is Life.. Moving on. 🙂


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