April 11, 2005

Crazy About NUMB3RS

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People Lie, Numbers Don’t

This is the famous tag line of the new tv series NUMB3RS.
According to the info i got from the site, it first aired just january of this year and CBS is now considering doing a second season for the show.

I was able to download a copy of the first 3 episodes from the office. Hehehe, yep, one of the perks in workin’ at a software company. It’s a hub for almost anything you could get online. Well, anyways, at first i really got no idea about what the series is all about. All i know is that it has a CSI-like theme, except that it uses math to solve the cases.

I watched the whole 3 episodes last saturday at home, and man it was great! As i type, i am copying episodes 4-8, and i can’t wait to get home and watch it.

Everything involves numbers according to the show. (alas i have found the true purpose of math in my life! heheheheh). What i like most about it is that it was able to gel the elegance, structure, preciseness and predictability of a mathematical equation, with that of life. Life which is in no way elegant, structured, precise and definitely unpredictable.



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