March 31, 2005

Josef Darthanian

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Last Saturday, I went to visit my best friend from highshool at the hospital. She just gave birth the day before that, and to say that I’m excited bout it is an understatement.

My friendship with magin has gone a long way, and the same goes to her better half, nathaniel. We’ve known each other for almost 10 years now. The friendship started when we became classmates back in first year high. Then we shared locker cause the locker space back at our high school then were so limited. We hit it off so easily. We shared our love for music and poetry, For art and books. Our childlike hearts bonded instantly and before we know it we were already sharing secrets.

One of my fondest memories of magin were those times when she would do her thing on her guitar and I would try to put in lyrics. She was the reason why I so wanted to learn that 6-stringed instrument. We were making songs then. Songs on just about anything. Love, life and all other in betweens.

I remembered this one time when she played this prank on me. One day I found a letter (remember those handwritten ones on scented stationeries? he he) addressed to me. It wasn’t a declaration of love or anything, just a short note on how the writer is thankful for having me in his life (hahaha yep, I automatically thought it was a boy, waaah so embarassing! hehehe). Thanking me for being nice and being a good friend and all those sweet little things enough to put butterflies in the heart of a naive 13-year old girl. Then to add mystery to it all, the writer hinted that he would slowly reveal his identity by signing his “notes” with a different letter each time. Like today he would sign it with an “F”, then next would be “E”. Each of which is part of his name. So I immediately ran to magin bout it, she was the only person who knew about the mysterious sender. And her reaction you may ask? innocent-look effect with matching giggles that perhaps the letters came from a particular boy (hahah high school boys who likes to think of themselves as men! oops) from our class. Now you see, back then I had this HUGE crush on one of our classmates. And being a good friend she even spelled out his name on paper and crash out each letter that matches with the one signed on the “notes”. This went on for a few days. Can you just imagine my excitement when each day a letter in my crushie’s name is crashed out? Hehehe. Then came the twist, one day the note was signed with a letter which I couldn’t find anywhere on the guys name. Believe me, I’ve tried it on his middle name, but still no match! Who could it be!?!?! I guess it’s conscience or she just couldn’t keep the secret any longer… magin – who-i-thought-was-my-bestfriend-then! Hehehe – spilled the beans. I don’t know what to do first, should I strangle her to death or burst out laughing. We had a good laugh after. Nobody ever played a trick like that on me. That’s magin for you.

I remembered also one time when she had this very persistent suitor. It started I think when we we’re in sophomore. The guy had been tailing magin for a time already. Then came the point where he asked if he could officially court her. So being the nice girl that she is, she told him that she’s not yet ready for things like that and that perhaps he could try asking her again years later, all the while hoping that he’ll just forget about it. I was always teasing her about it then. You see magin is a bit of a tomboy back then, and this guy is a bit on the girlie side if you know what I mean hehehe. Then our prom night came and her suitor asked her if he could dance with her on the next song. She said yes but gave a tape of some hard rock band to the dj. When the next song played, a matallica-like sound filled the ballroom and there goes my friend jumping and dancing her heart out dressed prettily in a pink prom dress. The poor guy didn’t even go near the dance floor. Hehehe

Magin and I shared our dreams. We have this dream of putting up our own resto, and we would do the designing first hand. We plan on taking either Architecture or Interior Designing in college. Graduation came and she took up architecture at USC and I pursued a computer course at UP.

And as for her better half, nathaniel or Do as we fondly call him. Man oh man, he was such a chickboy (sorry do hehehe). He’s into this girl one time, then into another girl the next, then another girl. That was back in high school. I guess you could blame it on the raging hormones hehehe. And now he’s with one of my bestfriends. And they’re having a family, or better yet, already have a family they cal their own. Nobody thought that they’d end up together, not even me, but here they are, happy with each other. 🙂 *sigh*

Whew… that’s quiet a trip down the memory lane. But things are so much different now. Now they have a new baby in their arms. Their first born. It’s practically a whole new world for them. Everything changes now. This is where the twist in their story starts. A wonderful turn of events. I’m happy for them.

Welcome to the world Josef Darthanian.


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  1. i love the name! josef darthanian… i guess the flavor-of-the-month guy now sticks to one flavor… a long-time bestfriend of his, right? nice entry, princess di. 😉

    Comment by Ryan Ben — April 6, 2005 @ 9:38 pm

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