January 3, 2005

love song for one

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came across this poem written by nats, a former-schoolmate, former-officemate, but still, definitely, a friend. She’s no longer working here in cebu, she’s now back in manila, trying to grow her roots there. To say that nats is a great writer is an understatement. So to say that im honored to have this poem written for me by nats.. is the ultimate understatement of all hehehe.

Just want to say to her, in case she came across this entry…

nats, im singing a new song now. My tatterd wings had somehow self-healed and am ready to fly again. I never wished for that star to fall for me, we were but strangers nursing each other’s solitude. And as all other starry story ends… everything fades when daylight comes. 🙂

a love song for one

you always sit on the sand
to watch the endless dying sky
repaint the orange into purple
while humming a song for a falling star

i used to sing that song too
under broken beams of moonlight
inviting the wind to blow my way
wishing for a glimpse of that falling star

but that star never came down
and that song never played again
they left me sad, wishing for daylight
finding meanings for things that never last

if tomorrow still finds you
singing this sad love song for one
teach your tattered wings to fly again
dont wait for a star that will never come


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