October 26, 2004

im a COLD person

Filed under: Doodles, Blabs and Rants — didee @ 4:54 pm

waaaaaahhh… when will this coughing and sneezing ever leave me at peace. All im asking is to be able to breathe easy in the morning with no “uhuhuhu” and “hachewww”.

Been having this darn flu since last week. I know i should go and have it checked, but as what i always say, i know my body and all it needs is a day or two of rest. Hehe, which i am not getting.

I started with my gym session last week (uhuh.. yup heard it right.. Dian’s into gym thingy right now… im afraid next time i’ll post a blab here it will all be about the confession of a gym freak gurl!! tadah! hahaha.. no way! no , not me hehehe)

well anyhow, as i was saying…. my gym thingy starts after work.. which i very much preferred compared to the earlier schedules where you almost know everybody whose working out beside you. And the moment i arrived home, you would have expected me to be downright tired and almost crawling to my bed, but not me… il lay awake till the wee hours of the morning. All the sweating and panting (oops no pun intended hehe) gets my adrenaline pumping (did i just say pumping??) that most of my night is spent tossing and turning. (yes.. i did say pumpin’)

I was sooo looking forward last weekend to spending the whole day at the house, specifically spend the whole day in bed.. but in lieu of the long vacation for christmas we have to give up some weekends working. Then after work, when i was supposed to be home early, i find myself having dinner and coffee with one of my best guy pal, bryan. (i owe him a write-up but lets reserve that for later… but just for an intro, he’s my long lost bro, a self-confessed metro sexual, im his ever-dearest-gorgeous friend though he’s too shy to admit it, and we’ve been friends since birth coz our parents had been good friends even before we came into existence). And me and coffee ain’t a good pair. Im a cafe addict but not a coffee addict. And i had some heart palpitations even until the following day. The supposed to be short rendevouz with bryan turned out to be a late chitchat thing which lasted until way past midnight.

Sunday morning came and i find myself cleaning my room, fixing some stuff and chatting till late noon with my friend whose in canada. Then later in the afternoon, i grab a quick shower, then went to church which lasted till 6pm. After that when i was just so ready to go home… i then find myself with axie, gavienne, vince, charles, bea and “mommy”… having dinner at Casa Verde. The next thing i know we were at SM catching some flick because axie got some free movie pass with her. And in the middle of the movie i got a call from my ever loving Papa, reminding me to PLEASE be home ASAP so i could get my much needed rest.

Well… i went home late again that Sunday night.. like the day before that and a few days before that. And if ever im home a bit earlier than the usual, i still cant find myself asleep and restin’ my butt out.


excuse me.. darn this cold!


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