August 28, 2004

Freaky Friday

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Sited at East West cafe in one of the party places here in cebu, i found myself in the company of my new found friend. He calls himself Carlo, the Mojo guy. Haha, i wonder what he would think once he gets to read this one. Another one of my crazy, crappy blabber pieces.

Mojo and I … We’re two different souls. Two different sides of a leaf, two different life and styles, two different spirits who run on two different circles. Two people who even belong to different sides of the offices lined up here in I.T park. What more diffs do you need? He’s the two week old boyfriend of my friend, and as i write , that makes him my just-a-week-old buddy.

An hour after I arrived home from our night’s rendezvous… I find myself in front of my pc… Contemplating… Writing down fragments of my jumbled thoughts. I love moments like these in a way. Where you try to rewind what had just transpired, you kind’a connect the remnants of what just happened. Well for tonight’s case, one particular topic seems to be stuck in my thoughts…

Soul mates…

Carlo sort of mentioned the topic offhandedly and yet with such… Hmmm… What’s the word for it… “sureness”. Para bang, itaga mo sa bato… Mangyayari to. He shared about this particular relationship he had about two years ago… Which he admitted he still haven’t overcome yet. Yeah he was able to move on, so did the girl. But still, a four-year relationship wouldn’t be that easy to let go. Any fool would have understood that. I can almost feel his pain though. That nagging feeling of having a void spot inside your chest. Man! I’m getting mushy here… darn! hehe… so much for comic relief!

I can empathize with the pain… Even if I haven’t had my share of broken relationships yet… Well… Haven’t had my share of “relationships” in general for that matter. But still… I don’t think that tiny bit of fact would disqualify me from empathizing with the hurt. I had my own void inside I longed to be filled.

Soul mates… Haven’t really given this subject that much of a thought. I don’t know, perhaps i didn’t really place it in my possible-truths category. But how would you explain it if you’ve dreamed about a person the day before you met her? That you particularly lived in the same area for so many years and yet you haven’t seen each other until that particular moment? Or that you have no idea that she was you buddy’s sis all this time?

Hmmm…. No wonder that particular person had left such a big, big void in his life. Funny how sometimes circumstances (fate) play her tricks on you. Funny but cruel. Funny but painful. Funny and yet what you remember is not how you laughed but on how much you hurt.

He said that yeah he had moved on… But he is certain that before this life is over they’ll meet again because that is how it was ordained, how it was destined. Soul mates are not destined to spend their lifetime with each other, but perhaps will have their own version of forever which goes beyond the common understanding.

I was somehow speechless when he said those lines. It’s as if i wanna go back to that little girl inside me, with her own notions about love and ever-after. I don’t think I ever did let go of her. I don’t think I ever will.

I hope though that the happiness which all of us seek now would not just await for us on that other lifetime. Tiny bits of daily joys together with a few blocks of pain along the way, in this CURRENT life molds us in becoming the person that we are. As what Paulo Coelho says…”Considering the way the world is, One happy Day is almost a miracle.” Hope I’ll have my own collection of them… simple miracles that i need not explain, but simply accept.

Funny how circumstances had made Carlo’s path crossed with mine. Funny how amidst the differences you find specs of things in common. No hassles, no labeling, no strings. Good company over a cup of coffee. And perhaps a bit more…


It’s getting late… I probably should hit the sack.

2:30 am::28Aug2k4



  1. ahem .. sino to Di? c elusive first na ba?

    Comment by Anonymous — August 30, 2004 @ 6:31 pm

  2. haha lahat n lng elusive first 🙂
    wawa nman ako ….
    tnx for droppin by anonymous.. hehe

    Comment by watermark — August 31, 2004 @ 10:35 am

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