August 19, 2004

Fate’s Labyrinth

Filed under: Rhymes & Dimes — didee @ 4:30 pm

Lost in this labyrinth
built by fate herself
I find myself as a microscopic
object beneath her magnifying lens

A tiny spec of dust performing
yet another act of faith
Destiny has me on-stage
a puppeteer pulling on my strings

She had me collect fragments
of splintered glass with bare hands
Which are scattered in shards
where men thread upon

And I watch as light plays
around the mosaic of my collection
And I smile …. A hopeful one
in the show of beauty amidst the imperfection

As the masterful strokes continues
I was given a gift in the journey I’m on
I was painted on the same canvas
on which you were drawn

Perhaps in the twisted labyrinth
that destiny has cradled me
There is home, a heaven’s haven
for a misguided fool like me

“Considering the way the world is,
One happy day is almost a miracle “


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